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The World Around Me

Here are ideas for practising English. Did you know that the best way to learn is by doing something? You learn more by doing something yourself than by only watching and listening to a film.
So don’t spend too much time on the Internet.

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In a shop
7 Continents
Natural Resources of the Earth
Exploring Our Solar System: Planets and Space
Nighty Night Circus
Food Chains , Food Webs , Energy Pyramid
Animaniacs Re-animated: Nations of the World
One small world
Shapes in nature
What Shape Is It? 2: 3D Shapes – Learn Geometric Shapes
Mathematics : Geometry: – Understanding 2D & 3D shapes
How to make Cones and Cylinders from Paper
Countries and Nationalities : English Language
Animaniacs – Nations Of The World (With flags)
Art with Mati and Dada – Rembrandt
Peter & The Wolf
23 Amazing Geography Facts
British Anthem, God Save the Queen
Sinterklaas Tutorial
Evolution animation for kids
Zodiac sign
Great Man 11 – Marco Polo
World history timeline for kids